Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Christmas 1965

Christmas - 1965

Strange roofs and walls
New roads and countryside
And water -
Vistas all unseen before

People new, not strange,
Friendly too
Different yet alike
To those we knew

Most of all
Your own free will to
See and do anew

What's about us
Matters some, but not entirely


Where we find our hearts
We also find our Christmas


Monday, August 23, 2010

To Elizabeth on her Birthday

This year the last of my grandparents passed away. Being among the youngest of my generation there is so much that I missed and so much I never got to know, much less remember. So, this blog is a beginning. I will blog what I know and what I find and hopefully members of my family will contribute as well and I will be able to grow this into a record of our family. Of generations before me, of this one, etc.

While we cleaned up my grandmother's last home I was lucky enough to bring home many of her photos and records and some of her late husband's as well. Among the many new boxes in my house I found an album of love letters from my grandmother's husband that were written to her through the years. Almost 20 years of letters, some with photos. I will add them all here as I get them scanned in and then I will start on some of the other albums. I am also writing out the letters so if you see a typo, please correct me. :)

This first letter is out of sequence (they start in 1965) but as I chose it for the blog title I decided it should probably come first.

To Elizabeth on her Birthday

There was a little frog
Whose only sound was "Og."
If he knew he could've
He very likely would've
Found a tree of oak
Where he could really "croak."

One morning fresh from bed
To his little self he said,
"I'll find a big hydrangea
'Cause they can really send 'ya."
He hadn't far to hunt
He found one right in front

Behind the leaves, eyes apeek,
His sound was now "creekety creek"
(He was too small you see
To "croak" for you and me)

But then we fed him chocolate mocca
And now he sings, "Croaka Croaka."